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‘Off The Cuff’ Printables

On this page you’ll find free handouts and printables to use in speech therapy! Very few of these printables are stand alone therapy ideas. Most of them are visuals or resources to be paired with a therapy idea from our blog. Lastly, we are not artists- many of these aren’t pretty– but paired with our therapy ideas from the blog, they make for super fun and effective therapy sessions!

Social Learning Printables

Social Learning Iceberg Visual

Thought Bubble

Talking Bubble


Language Printables

Open Ended Question Visual For Adults

Semantic Map

Vocab Expansion

Venn Diagram

Why Question Printable

Ask Me Why 

Meerkat WH Questions

Coordinating Conjunctions Visual

Subordinating Conjunctions Visual

Expanding Sentences

Articulation Printables

Olympic FL Blends

S Blends

fl flashcards

 monster for bucket game

monkey for bucket game

Meerkat R Sentences

 Meerkat for bucket game

Book Lesson Plans

The Mystery if Meerkat Hill Ch 1